About & FAQ

  • What is this all about?

    Before I tell you about this website you should know a little about me, the creator. My name is Scott Millar and this website has been created as part of a university project. I was lucky enough to work in San Francisco whilst on my placement, a requirement for Interactive Multimedia Design Students at the University of Ulster, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

    By experiencing different sights and events in San Francisco the hard way-through word of mouth-I developed a passion and love for the city. I did miss out on some events that I would have liked to have seen; therefore, I felt that this website would be a great resource to make all of San Francisco more accessible for others!

    There are many sights in San Francisco such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, which are great and you should go and see them; however, there are many more “Hidden Treasures” that the typical tourist would miss out on.

  • What are ‘Hidden Treasures’?

    The Hidden Treasures are a collection of sights and events in San Francisco which, in our opinion, are a must see! Of course some of these may not be your kinda’ thing.

  • Why is this website different?

    You may be asking yourself why the heck did San Francisco need another tour website. Ileftmyheart.org is not your average tour website. We hope to give you some inside tips and sights in to San Francisco that you would otherwise never come across or hear about anywhere else. We like to be honest with you.

    We’ve carefully crafted a range of tours, aiming for people with different interests. We wanted to give our website a little something for everyone. Along with these tours we provide customised maps to help you guide your way through the tours and the city. If you feel we have left something out, please let us know! We are trying to prevent you guys from leaving this website dissatisfied in anyway!

    • Lastly…

      We hope you found this website helpful! We’d love to hear your thoughts about it. Please make the most of your time in the city; it is truly a beautiful city to experience. Just be careful you don’t leave your heart there like I did!