The history and evolution of San Francisco certainly has set up a colourful and beautiful place with an interesting culture.  When you arrive to San Francisco keep in mind that San Franciscans are often outspoken and very liberal.  However, if you need help or a friend, many San Franciscans are approachable people who at times are eager to help. On the other hand, muni drivers are some of the nastiest and most unhelpful people you will ever encounter. Never ask them anyting; ask locals on the bus for directions. Downtown, expect many people to be in a rush during business hours, but at night, you can have fun with the locals.  Beware of pan handlers though; the city’s high cost of living forces many people in to prostitution, bribery, and thievery. On the bus or streets, you may find some smelly homeless people or mentally inferior people babbling or yelling to themselves, but it is the same sense of acceptance and tolerance that has made San Francisco home to gays and many people overseas that welcomes people of an overly queer nature.