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If you are anywhere else besides Noe Valley or the Sunset districts, one thing you will notice about San Francisco is that it is nearly devoid of children. On the other hand, it is a playground for adults and offers a wide variety of nightlife and entertainment. Something very unique to San Francisco is its sexual evolution. In the early 1960′s, British bands such as the Beatles impacted the psyche of western US thinking, inundating people with ideas of free love and seeing sex as a beautiful and normal part of nature. This sexual revolution was a part of the Counterculture of the 1960′s, also known as the “Hippie Movement”, and you can see its influence in San Francisco today.

Nowhere is the Counterculture more evident than in San Francisco’s SOMA district. The first stop on the tour is the Wicked Ground Coffee shop. This is the first ever kink cafe and boutique. This shop is for everyone so long as you don’t get easily offended by the “erotic and kink nature of [their] business.” It is located at 289 8th Street off of Folsom Street. This cafe like most cafes sell coffee and tea, but artwork and ‘adult’ toys are also up for sale. This venue plays host to a number of special events throughout the year such as bring your human pet night where you can have coffee served in a dog bowl or massage night where you can sit back and get a massage by a fellow kinkster. Other events include book signings and tea service. After some proper stimulation, and some caffeine, we’ll head on over to Stormy Leather. Simply walk north up to Howard Street, cross the street, and make a right and you’ll walk right up to Stormy Leather. Stormy Leather is a leading manufacturer and retailer of distinctive high-quality leather clothing and toys and have even designed corsets for Christine Aguilera, all three Destiny’s Children, and Dita von Teese.

If you’re a couple, I’m sure you will really enjoy good vibrations located at 1620 Polk Street. From Stormy leather, head back south to the corner of Howard and 8th, make a right and walk up to Market Street, cross, than make a left. Walk down to Van Ness Avenue and wait for the 47 or 49. Board and head north up to Sacramento Street. Walk east on Sacramento until you get to Polk, than make a left and you’ll see Good Vibrations. This store was founded on the idea of being sex-positive. The store provides sexual information and education in addition to books, erotic videos, and seminars about sexual health. Their are also a number of toys and workshops on how to use them. One notable draw of the store is their collection of antique vibrators. Though this store may be centered around female sexual health, couples could have fun exploring a different side to their sexual nature together. Well, this wraps up the early evening fun; now let’s head to North Beach!! To get to Northbeach, head north to Clay and Polk and hop on the 1. This will take you to Clay and Stockton where you can jump on the 30 or 45 which takes you to Broadway. Head east on Broadway until you get to Columbus and Broadway. Now, you are in the heart of North Beach.

There are a number of sex clubs and shops that offer something more on the raunchier side, but there are also milder venues where a couple can go, have a few drinks, and get in the mood. In the red light area of the North Beach “Italian” district, you will first be entertained by the more risque side of San Francisco’s adult nightlife. At Columbus and Broadway, you’ll find Big Al’s Adult Superstore and a strip club called the Roaring 20′s. If this is your kind of thing and you are out with friends, you may have a really good time. I would suggest visiting the strip club on a Saturday. If you would like to get off the beaten path, 15 Romolo is a clandestine bar, usually guy heavy, that is an escape from tourist traps. Lastly, North Beach offers some of the best food in the city, especially Italian food. If you are hungry, I would recommend dinner at Enrico’s Sidewalk Cafe or Steps of Rome Trattoria.

If you prefer a milder, yet grown up night out, there are less raunchy venues for you to explore. Our friend Dixie De La Tour is founder of Bawdy Storytelling, the premier adult storytelling event that will shock, engage, and leave you feeling sensational. This event has everything from good laughs to provocative recitations of personal or fictional moments that generally remain in the boudoir. All topics of a sexual nature go, such as stories about cougars on the prowl or times when you had to pay for it. You can track the event online and this month, the venue is the Blue Macaw located at 2565 Mission Street and accessible via the 49 or 14 heading south. Another event that will keep you on your toes is Big City Improv, an event hosted by a sketch comedy group that engages the audience with un-scripted, fast-paced shows that are directed mostly by the participation and suggestions of the audience. This show performs every Friday night at 10pm in the Shelton Theatre at 533 Sutter Street. This venue is right off of Powell, next to Union Square.

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