Folsom St. Fair

September is the unofficial beginning of Summer in San Francisco and is hallmarked by the grand daddy of all leather events; the Folsom Street Fair.  Spanning 13 city blocks and playing host to over 400,000 attendees, the fair is the world’s largest outdoor leather/fetish event and the 3rd largest outdoor event in California.  If you were to ask local San Franciscans about the Folsom Street Fair, many would reply: It is a bit S&M, edgy, all fetishes go, and provocatively artistic.  Many people from around the world, as far as Sydney, Australia, come donning their leather chaps or at times nothing at all.  Alternatively, you may see some attendees dressed in their fine fetish regalia including silver or gold sexual paraphernalia  and piercings pretty much all over their body.  As mentioned before, the fair is also a platform for the sexually inspired to make statements of a political or sexual nature.  For example, some people might come dressed as a huge penis that looks strikingly familiar to a former vice president (DICK Cheney) or stride about on stilts looking very familiar to the Greek god Dionysus.  On the day of the fair, expect the heat to be on, and not just at the event itself.  The day is generally hot and sunny, but expect food and beverages, including beer and cocktails, to be on hand at the end of each block with a central food court located around 7-9th and Folsom. This is obviously an over 18 event.

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